Sunday, March 21, 2010

[EVENT: social] Yelp Vancouver's Living La Voya Local

I've been participating with Yelp Vancouver's foodie scene since it's first ever Vancouver event from June 2009. Seven events later specifically targeted to the active members of Yelp, they finally threw their first ever open party for Yelp Vancouver locals.

This was held on On March 10, 2010 and took place over at the Voya Restaurant and Lounge. Voya is the signature restaurant of the Loden Hotel.

Although it's an open party, you're still going to have to be on their guest list. Just try and get past one of their Community Managers. Go ahead. Try. They can only get friendlier. :P

I knew most of the active people in Yelp, but this was definitely even more fun to get to meet an even lager community of foodies.

They had music spinning courtesy of DJ Leanne.

Here's her pink calling card. Awww.

She took some time to teach any interested participant to mix a beat.

With the music in place, like any Yelp event, food and drinks were definitely overflowing. This was provided by both the restaurant hosting the venue as well as the local businesses.

As the night progressed, the bartenders were hard at work to keep the drinks flowing courtesy of Hennessy.

But don't fret if the bar was packed, the local merchants were also on hand to give a helping hand. The Urban Tea Merchant was there to provide Vodka shots infused with two of their tea concoctions.

One was Earl Grey and the other a tisane infusion of dried fruits.

But why stop there when Whistler Brewing Company is there to represent.

Tipsy much? I didn't think so.

But now it's time to fill our bellies with food and snacks. Raise your hand if you want some mini burgers!

Or how about some Mexican fusion presented a la Temaki-style.

Voya definitely had some great servers going around to make sure we were properly provided for.

In the other end of the lounge was a table of gourmet snacks provided by Saul Good Gift Co. They do have an on-going promo of providing a $10 discount off their corporate gift basket just for making them laugh. It's not that hard. Just call them up and repeat their website name - it's all good...tsk, tsk.

These are one of the best tasting chocolates I've had and reminded me of a few San Francisco chocolatier like Guittard Chocolate Company and Scharffen Berger. And since I'm now living in Canada, it's time to promote Zazubean. Being Canadian, it can only contain the finest naturally organic, fair-trade ingredients.

And what better way to pair your beer than with Skeet & Ike's Organics Popcorn variety as well as their stone ground corn chips in the form of Hippie Chips.

But do save some space for some crackers and chips courtesy of Gone Crackers and Terra Breads. All natural. All found right here in British Columbia.

Props to Wink Beauty Lounge for providing some fun dress-up for the gents (moustache) and ladies (lashes).

Thanks to some buzz and a moustache, we can now take over the turn-table and pose as credible DJs.

Okay, I guess it's best if we handed it back to DJ Leanne to do her stuff...

Lastly, if you forgot to bring your camera to help you remember the event, Photobooth Vancouver was there to provide an instant memory (I swear that wasn't me...that guy had a moustache).

So...if you're curious to know more about Yelp or you'd love to meet fellow Vancouver foodies in the next official or unofficial get-together. Head on over to Yelp Vancouver.

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