Saturday, June 26, 2010

[FOODIE: cheap eats] The Brave Bull's House of Steaks

Definitely a no frills, no fanfare place for the residents (who live around the area) AND foodies. Everyone else can just take their steak snob attitude elsewhere.

1294 Hastings Street East
Vancouver, BC V6A 1S6
Telephone: 604.253.4278
Hours: Lunch - Mon-Sun (5pm-onwards) 


Food: 6/10
Service: 10/10
Ambiance: 5/10
Pricing: $

Pros: Unpretentious restaurant with at home service.
Cons: It's still 1995 in here.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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This is a two-person operation run by a husband and wife. The wife does the front-end operation from greeting and seating guests, taking orders, and bringing the bill. While the husband is at the kitchen firing up the grill with his full chef uniform. If there's one thing they like doing everyday, it's definitely keeping this joint open and running.

There are photocopies of an article written about the restaurant hung all over the place which you're bound to read wherever you sit. It highlights the cheap price for a decent steak. The article was written back in 1995. Looking around the place and checking out the menu, will make you believe you're stuck in time. The decor hasn't changed. More importantly, the prices haven't changed as well.

Fifteen freakin' years since the article was written and this restaurant doesn't have inflation in it's vocabulary. Someone please (please!) make them our finance minister.

Don't come here expecting swift service. These guys are way past their retirement age and will walk a turtle's space if they have to get things done right. They could have collected their retirement benefits years ago, but decided to do what they do best in feeding the locals with cheap steak.

I was excited to see Rib Steak on the menu, but wasn't available. I settled for a T-Bone and they happily left a good portion of fat on the steak just to feed my yearning for marbled goodness. How does it taste? Don't go looking for corn-fed or Cows massaged everyday. All I can say is it's decent for the price. You get a good portion of meat and it comes with a soup or salad, veggies and baked potato with sour cream and faux bacon bits. Classic blast to the past indeed.

Not up for steak? They serve Chinese food, too. I bet you the 1995 article didn't see that coming. I tried that as well.

When we got our bill, she took the time to explain what we were charged despite having only two items on it - a steak meal and a Chinese combo meal. And when she gave our change back, she painstakenly took the time to count our loose change as well. Then she realised she short-changed us. She left and scrambled behind the cash register. We were going to leave all the loose change anyway. It can't be that bad. She came back with 10 more cents. 10 cents! How honest is that.

I'd come back just to keep this place alive. How can you not have a soft spot for these hard-working proprietors. To come back wouldn't be about the food or the price anymore, it would be just to keep the place alive.

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